Who We Are

Our members come from all walks of life and are blessed with a wide variety of skills and gifts that they use to minister to the congregation and those in need.


Faith Fellowship Church was founded in 1967 as a non-denominational church and was initially known as the Church on the County Line . The name was changed to Faith Fellowship Church in 1999. When the church was started, meetings were held in homes and local community buildings. Then in 1979 the current building was purchased. Using their skills and labor, the congregation renovated the old St. John's Church. Although we have sought to update the building (elevator, media, etc.), we have done our best to preserve this historic structure and its reverant ambiance.

Further Information

A more detailed history of the original church that met in this building (St. John's Church) and the founding of the Church on the County Line can be found by Clicking Here.

A copy of the church constitution and by-laws can be downloaded Here.

A copy of the Articles of Faith can be downloaded Here.

Click Here for a brief explanation of how to become a member of Faith Fellowship Church.