Why We Exist

Our purpose can be captured in Four Scenes

  • A Peaceful Green Pasture: we seek to be a sanctuary where followers of Christ are nurtured.
  • A Family Dinner Table: we long to provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and embraced.
  • A Salt Shaker and Light: we want every member to see their homes, neighborhoods, places of work and social settings, as places where they serve selflessly for God’s glory.
  • A Partner: we embrace our role as partners with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe in seeking to fulfill the commandment of Jesus to make disciples

Our Mission:

The mission of Faith Fellowship Church is to glorify the triune God and to serve the people of our congregation, our community, and the world. Prayer, worship, and the teaching of Scripture are vital to the life of the church and essential for bringing others to faith in Christ.