Weekly Announcements

Here are the announcements from Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

  • We welcome Janet & Gary Goodge back to Faith Fellowship. Janet & Gary have been our ministry partners in France. Thank you Janet & Gary for your faithful sacrificial service to our Lord Jesus Christ and His church. 
  • 2019 Christmas Offering Project: Our special Christmas Offering this year will go to the FAIRE Garden Foundation. In 2014 Luckson Capricien and his founding partner conceptualized the FAIRE garden Foundation to serve the underprivileged children in Duval Roche, Haiti. As an acronym, FAIRE stands for faith, assurance, inspiration, reve (dream in French) and exploration. The FAIRE Garden Foundation's current projects include: a school service the local children of Duval Roche, medical assistance, providing clean, accessible water, and constructing new homes. 
  • Please join us downstairs following the Worship service for a time of food and conversation. (Next week: Five Loaves and Two Fish: seafood/bread)